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BookLamp Mint

BookLamp Mint

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The BookLamp isn't just a mere source of light; it's the illumination of your stories!

Crafted with precision and designed with a passion for literature, the BookLamp will let every page shine brightly!

With the use of a cable dimmer, lights incorporated in the book can be turned on, off and dimmed to give your room a magic feeling. Light up your story with your BookLamp!


180mm x 180mm x 215mm (LxWxH)


The BookLamp is equipped with a power supply and cable-mounted LED dimmer for easy control of the integrated LED strip.

Power = 4 W (max)
Power input = 230 V AC
Power output = 12 V DC
Light temperature = 2400 K


The BookLamp is 3D printed using PLA bioplastic.

The pages are made out of plexiglas.

Please be aware that due to the layered 3D printing technique, subtle layer lines may be visible.

Depending on the colour of choice, light might shine through the PLA bioplastic covers.

Product story

Designed by Storm Chabot in the Netherlands, every BookLamp is carefully handcrafted.

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