How Storm (Unlimited) started...

It all dates back to 1997. On a cold and rainy September day, little Storm was born. Storm grew up in a rather unusual family.

His mother collected everything she came across, piled it all up and never threw anything away. Only a few small, narrow paths remained between high mountains of stuff she had collected through the years. Mountains of stuff you could wander through endlessly.

His father, a writer, brushed inspiration from the streets, stole stories from unsuspecting passers-by and captured the earth with his pen. Surrounded by three older brothers, little Storm discovered the inspiration and fantasies hidden in and beyond the high mountains of things and wrote them down with his own pen.

That's when Storm Unlimited started. As Storm grew up, he worked on sketches, created prototypes and contacted suppliers all over Europe to realise his designs.

After a few years of hard work, he successfully developed his first furniture designs, bringing a touch of eccentricity to the world.

After all, why put limits on magic, imagination and wonder?
At Storm Unlimited, we keep them Unlimited.

About the designs

Storm Chabot is the sole force behind Storm Unlimited, a company based in The Netherlands that creates unique designs. He personally sketches and designs each creation and collaborates with suppliers across Europe to fabricate all tailor-made parts. The BookLamp and BookTable are hand-assembled in his workshop in The Hague. Storm dedicates his weekdays to developing a sustainable alternative for robotic laparoscopic surgery, while his evenings and weekends are devoted to bringing his designs to life. He takes care of everything from logistics to accounting, social media, and the website. Products are crafted on demand, ensuring minimal waste and a thoughtful production process. Although lead times may be longer, each product is made with dedication and purpose. Every BookLamp, BookTable, and all upcoming designs tell a story of passion. Join us in embracing the beauty of handmade designs, one unique piece at a time.