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Illuminate your story with a BookLamp – where literature meets light.  


Illuminate your story with a BookTable – where literature meets light.  

We don't just make BookLamps and -Tables; we wrote one too! (It's a really short read, promise)

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How Storm (Unlimited) started...

It all started in 1997. On a cold, rainy September day, Storm was born in a slightly unusual family.

His mother was a collector, who saved everything she found. Only a few narrow paths through towering piles of stuff remained at home, through which Storm could wander endlessly.

His father, as a writer, captured everything he saw and heard in beautiful stories. Amidst his three older brothers, Storm discovered the magic hidden within and beyond these mountains of things and began to sketch and write his own fantasies.

Years passed by. Through hard work, he brought his eccentric furniture designs to life, refusing to limit imagination and wonder. At Storm Unlimited, he kept the magic alive.

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Unlimit your imagination

Storm Unlimited strives to make the everyday more unique. By developing furniture that goes beyond the ordinary, Storm Unlimited brings a more magical and admirable world into your home.

Don't limit magic, imagination and wonder, make it Unlimited.